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  国外的购物网站大都满额包邮Total fee: £200 with the free delivery;

  关于运费还有其他说明The delivery fee does not depend on number of items;

  网站的发货频率是根据邮寄地址决定的Delivery frequency: to most areas, usually twice a week, once a week for remote areas;

  发货时间是下单后2天内The time to deal with the order form: 2 days;

  所以货到“府上”需要的天数How many days can receive the goods: total 4 days in total;

  送货的最终,派送前联系顾客Customers will get a telephone call with the message of delivery;

  有任何问题皆可联系专门人员You can contact Janet and her position is the head of Order Section.



  I. 购买经历

  售后维修,毋庸置疑工作人员会询问设备的购买地点,如(V50105)中电脑的购买是在in the Shop named Copucan; (V07104)电饭锅购买地点:City Centre Branch。抑或购买时间,如Date of purchase(V50130);(V20129)洗衣机When did the man buy the washing machine: 9 months ago。

  II. 物品基本属性

  电器设备的型号决定了维修人员的判断和维修决定,这里最基本的形式即为数字加字母的考点Reference number: CWX576884(V20129),或是专业的产品形式——冰箱型号为顶装式top mount(V50133)。除型号外,还会涉及外观颜色fridge color: silver(V50133),以及使用了多久The woman has had the fridge for: 10 years. 使用年份较长时,维修人员会询问该维修电器是否有维修史Which part of the fridge has ever been fixed? The door was fixed before.

  III. 维修部件

  具体说明需维修或保修的部件及损坏原因是维修场景中最主要的内容。比如在claiming a broken laptop(V50105)的场景中,所坏部件是keyboard, 维修人员好奇键盘的损耗原因:for family use or for work, 承认normally for family use not for work后,顾客只好老实“交待”了键盘损坏的“事故”:I was on the train during rush hour with laptop on the seat. The laptop was dropped off from the seat.

  关于冰箱的维修部位,自然不会涉及到电子产品或者laptop的screen, keyboard等部件,而是door(V50133)或者the fan(V20143);有些部位的单词较为专业,听力中则会转换为相应说法,比如压缩机产生的噪音则被简化为the noise; 制冷效果不佳——Freezer temperature: 10℃(V50133);同样的表达方式还出现在洗衣机维修的场景中(V20129):It was out of control and switched off automatically.

  有些对话则“简单粗暴”地告知损坏部件:(V50130)吸尘器的维修部件Vacuum problem: in the handle; (V07104)电饭锅锅盖(阀)密封度不够导致危险The cap is broken, so it is dangerous for escaping steam.

  有些顾客在抱怨损坏部件时,面对问题严重的情况,会提及所造成的经济损失(V50133)冰箱用来贮存快餐店的原材料,故而冰箱的制冷问题导致financial loss: $180; 还有某些电器的故障造成“连带伤害”——(V20129)洗衣机开关失灵造成“水漫金山”,the floor which was made of wood was wet.

  IV. 补偿措施

  最常见的补偿即为换新或上门维修:顾客有时对换新的产品外观颇为挑剔——(V50130)“处女座”顾客换吸尘器,在“各种款式各种花色任你选择”的red, pink, sky blue, 还有过几天才上新的purple款中犹豫,最终还是选择了心中最爱的silver; 上门维修需要预约维修时间(V20143)arrive after 3.30 pm(一开始说2点,but she need one and half an hour to pick up her child to school, so she would be available after 3.30pm.)

  顾客亦可以自行去最近的维修点联系专业人士修理(V20129)The repair company is opposite to the post office; The client engineers are available next Tuesday; 去维修点时办理手续所需要的文件Need to bring the report before making a claim(V50105);

  有些不可调和的因素,顾客要求退货处理,绝大多数公司会在同意退款时附赠福利以安抚:voucher is provided by the shop with refund(V07104)。


  房屋保险,又称Home Contents Insurance, 保障因自然灾害或意外事故造成的房屋及内部损失(Protection for your home and contents against fire, theft, storms, subsidence and flooding.)这类保险中有的险种仅包含building, 而不包含房屋内部的contents(V30112);而有的险种则不仅包含建筑损失,还负责房间内部设施的维修(V30137)。

  I. 房屋基本信息

  对房屋的建筑结构的保险,自然需核查登记房屋的基本信息,如房屋面积(V40133)Total area of building:180㎡ (the apartment is about 150, add the garage, so total number is 180㎡);建筑材料(V30112)construction materials: bricks(V40133), outside wall is made of wood; 房屋使用时长(V40133)history of building: 90 years; 房屋已有安全设备security feature: alarm system; (V40133)smoke alarms.

  II. 投保物品

  除了建筑结构,内部的珍贵物品和设施亦投保(V30146)camera: insurance of $2000; antique: gold ring of $2100.

  III. 申请理赔/维修

  房屋保险场景中,“掉链子”的原因一般都是自然灾害中的storm, “大风越狠”,窗户越破:a broken window smashed by a storm(V30146);the wind blow the door of the kitchen and middle glass of the window was broken(V30141)。


  examine the electricity firstly; check and repair central heating system(V30137)房屋中介跟踪负责理赔的全过程,但应急效率不高——must contact landlord’s service manager for all the repair while try to contact private company for emergency repair because it is much more quick(V30141)。


  I. 航空投诉


  (V50145)Which aspect of the flight does he complain about: temperature (it is hot and breathless)空调不给力,空气不流通;

  About the food: not enough to eat (the lunch provided snack) 食物不难吃,但是不够吃;

  What about the services: he was kept waiting (he was led...but nobody was there, he waited for 20 minutes)空乘把乘客晾在一旁;

  尽管乘客对该班航空的各项服务提出不满,还是客观地评价了其优点:What is satisfying: security and entertainment in flight.


  首先航空公司官网上的信息错误:The words on the website page: error message;

  其次对于家庭出游的儿童人数有限制:Can only take 2 children under 12 years old (but all three children are under 12years old ); 该游客认为it is unfair for large families and school groups.

  未影响行程或造成经济损失的情况下,航空公司的补偿措施一般是“小恩小惠”,比如前文中提到的那位对空调、食物、空乘不满的乘客(V50145)He was compensated with: 20%discount in hotel fees; £20 phone card.

  而未出游的那位投诉儿童人数限额的女乘客(V40117)则由专人进而跟进协商:being suggested to ask Customer Service Officer for help.




  € 250 for all flights of 1500 km or less;

  € 400 for all intra-Community(欧共体) flights of more than 1500 km, and for all other flights between 1500 and 3500 km;



  a). meals and refreshments in proportion to the waiting time;

  b). hotel accommodation and transport between the airport and the hotel, where a stay of one or more nights becomes necessary;

  c). two telephone calls, or telex or fax messages, or emails.

  (cited from: http://www.easyjet.com/en/help/at-the-airport/delay-and-cancellations)

  II. 物流投诉

  剑8 Test 2 Section 1就是关于物流的投诉场景:Michael从中国运送一些物品到澳大利亚的悉尼,而有些物品在运送过程中产生了一些损坏,他打电话到保险公司索赔。该Section中涉及到的词汇本质上就是租房场景中的家居类词汇,如TV screen, cabinet from bathroom, table leg, set of china等。


  钟的零件受损:clock hands were broken; 窗帘也毁了curtains were torn in several pieces; 还有设备寄丢了video player: lost.

  III. 投诉是一种文化




  You can get help if you’re treated unfairly or when things go wrong. This includes:

  1). credit and store cards

  2). faulty goods

  3). counterfeit goods

  4). poor service

  5). problems with contracts

  6). rogue traders

  (cited from: https://www.gov.uk/consumer-protection-rights)









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