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  Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: It is impossible to be completely honest with your friends.

  I know clearly that before the God and the Lord, every human mortal is a liar. But this does not mean that it is impossible to be entirely honest with friends. On the contrary, I have been and will be honest with all my friends.

  Unlike the out-of-date commodities in the supermarkets or the fisher’s markets that are discounted or depreciated, my honesty with friends and families is one hundred percent. And I advocate you all, my brothers and sisters in this world and the next, to be honest to your friends.

  If you are honest to your friends, and your neighbors and your families as well, you are honest to your own heart and soul. On the contrary, if you tell lie to your friends, you betray yourself. Whose life can be lightened if the soul and heart has been betrayed? I therefore claim that true hearts and intelligent minds will always be honest to others, even to the foes, needless to say the friends.

  I am especially interested in explaining what a friend is. Next I discuss why we must be honest with friends, and then we talk about how to be honest with friends.

  A friend in need is a friend in deed, as the old saying goes. A friend is a friend. He or she is neither your father nor your mother, but a friend in many cases plays important roles that parents cannot play. Therefore it is necessary to be entirely honest to be a friend. When in the childhood, human beings are born to be honest with friends and foes, if they have. But during the process of growing, human beings are tarnished spiritually and even physically. Gradually, the minds are misled and the individuals are on the brink of going astray. Lies, together with other sins such as jealousness, envy, fury, anger, rage, wrath, greed, voracity, ravenousness, resentment, have flooded into the minds whose thirsty could never be quenched by the fountain of the mundane sins.

  The first time of dishonesty with a friend, no matter to what extent, is the very beginning of the injustice and the unrighteousness, which have the inherited evil strength to multiply and finally to ruin the human beings, individually or as a group of society as well.

  Honesty is cherished human virtue. Regardless of the race, color, and the distinct dissimilarities among cultures, honesty is considered to be the very foundation and the building blocks of human personality, integrity, and dignity. Any one will be unhappy if he or she is cheated. A small lie might devastate the friendship and destroy everything good to spiritual and mental life.

  To be honest to a friend, one is supposed to be the right-doer, not the evildoer. Also, it is necessary to be smart in language. In my life, I see lots of bright minds but sluggish and slow in good language. Although they do not intend to insult or cheat a friend, their words are not sound to the ears. I here say to you, especially my young friends, your words are full of strength. If you control well your words, you win your friends and the friendship will be evergreen as the tress established by the clean streams.

  It is not so easy to be entirely honest to friends, but this is just the very significance of our life in this world. My friends, I am entirely honest to you and I hope that you all be honest to me. I myself will be greatly encouraged by your honesty. I love you all and may you love each other and be honest with others in whatever circumstances.















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